Thursday, November 3, 2011

Love to touch

Velvet quilt

Riverside silt

Puppy’s nose

Baby’s toes

Boiled egg

Barbie’s leg


This day was night a few hours ago...

The raindrop was a cloud sometime ago...

Each butterfly was a caterpillar ten days ago...

Every full moon was new a fortnight ago...

This spring was winter a few months ago...


Richard Of York Goes Battling In Vain”

Is what appears in the sky after rain.

Alter the initial letters ----and sure!

What you read is VIBGYOR.

The rainbow smiles in iridescent colours.

Cannot buy one with yens or dollars.

Beaming, shining and smiling rainbow

Drives away blues and sets hearts aglow.

Cat’s Desire

The cat’s fixed glance is on the hedged walk.

Expectations rise;… she stares like a hawk.

Her tail-tip twitches like the hand of a clock;

With elegance and caution, she is on the stalk.

The minutes of waiting are painful and long.

Short mews change to an evensong;

Her moment of desire is coming along

With the milkman’s jug going pling, pling, plong.

A lap here, a lick there; eyes tight shut;

Savouring all of the white tonic, but

Ears alert, paws ready, for a short-cut,

Lest comes chasing ,the dog called Nut.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hum a hearty tune with me,
Hum a soulful tune of love;
Sing a song of breeze and sea,
Sing an ode to the peaceful dove.
Match a step with nature’s rhythm,
Dance in praise of the peacock bright.
Immerse every ill and boredom
Dance away to heart’s delight
Splash the russet hues of sunrise
On the canvas of your life.
Paint in it some shades of surprise.
Then sit back and play the fife.

Monday, June 22, 2009


There came a majestic youth, riding, to ask

A hapless mother for her lovely girl;

A wicked monster he was in mask,

The lass and mother took him for ‘pearl’.

Mamma’s heart bled, to part with child

She gifted her Blossom with an aging horse;

Ogre rode with bride to the wild;

Damsel’s fate couldn’t be worse.

Next day Blossom unlocked a forbidden hall,

Where beside many, lay her mother’s remains,

Wrapped in that familiar blue-checked shawl!

She shrieked and shuddered but held her reins.

Astride the gift horse the maiden sped

Until the beast could run no more.

There stood a strapping lad, princely clad,

His tender glance opened her heart’s door.

In times of distress he stood by her

Like a sea-rock braving angry waves;

Today the duo lie together

In their silent, parallel graves.


Books are my friends, all the year round

They speak volumes without a sound!



Grandpa smells of chewed tobacco

Granny smells of milk and coco.

Papa smells Oh so very nice!

Mama smells like sugar and spice.

Sister smells of sweet lavender,

Spotty smells of doggy-powder.

I smell of……well let me sniff…

Hmm.. I smell like my pet mastiff !!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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